Sunday, February 26, 2017

About Days

 Last week while out and about, I looked for unusual things, as stated in my previous post. This cement frog at Baumans struck me happy to see him...laughing, or trying to croak? He made me smile.
 as did this metallic flower. Maybe I'll buy next time. The store was closed so I couldn't this time. I seem to be a kind of person who likes fun stuff in my lawn and not just flowers. At least this one I don't need to water!
 I couldn't see a sign for this plant that has been shaped and will be hanging down as it grows.
 At home Wed evening,  I was looking through my flowers one last time before they went to the trash. The roses were all wilted. I turned the vase and look here! One of the stargazer lilies bloomed. Well, maybe I'll keep it! A couple others looked like they would bloom, but no,....I wound up taking all of them to the trash next a.m. I'd had a headache all day Wed. and not sure why.  I woke up early Thurs a.m. and went into the kitchen to get a snack....went back to bed and my head started hurting. Oh my, it's the lily that did it. Both my daughter and I have issues with they left, with the wilted roses. But I enjoyed the ones we had early on without the pistals, which give off less or no scent.

 Friday was my day off. I was so tired Thursday evening and went to bed at 11. I slept relatively well. But didn't wake up til 10 a.m.! Whoa! I really needed the sleep. I got a few things done then headed to Keizer Station for a few places to shop. I saw this book by Dr. Suess, at Target near check out. I laughed and picked up the book to puruse it...."you  can do all these (specific) things....but I'm not going to get up today!"  {HA....almost like me!} Actually I should have bought it as my grandchildren would have liked it!

 My finds at Cost Plus World Market, before I went to Target...I had a gift card I received from Justin and family and a birthday "gift" from World Market of 15% off my total purchase.  Typhoo tea I enjoy drinking...I like the caffeinated one as well, but don't use it as much as this one. Two more luncheon plates to add to my dinnerware, chocolate chips, and hummus. Can't find this hummus in jars any more. I've noticed there's been many recalls on hummus and so we wind up buying a couple different brands at grocery store. Sigh! Can't buy any that have been close to shellfish. Megan's allergic to it. And I got her started on hummus and she likes it with chips. It is delicious!
 My first knitting project of the year is a basket weave dish cloth. I'm nearly done with it! Notice the little marker? It's from Betsy and it shows me how far I've got done. It's cute. I have to keep in something so I don't lose it once this project is done. My next project is a small quilt for my granddaughter's 9th birthday. I need to get to sewing on it. May is coming soon!

I forgot to show you my planner I bought late Dec, early Jan. I'm really enjoying it. It's been quite the year already...what with losing friends at the very beginning of the new year. Then me being down sick for a few weeks. But God is good and has been there through the struggles. 

Here's a cookie I made for a friend's birthday. Behind it is my open planner. I put tabs on the top so I'd know where the different sections are. Easier than thumbing through it. I bought the planner as part of my gift from a co-worker...we drew names. I got a gift card to TJMaxx/Home Goods. Other item I got was a exercise mat.  It's still rolled up but I will use it soon. Yes. I exercise but not always on the floor!

  Today was the last week for Phil and I to work with MV Express with the children. We'll be off two months then teach in May. Cindy shared a drawing about the armor of God and talked about why it's important to have God in our lives.  I enjoy her drawings so much and her gifted spirit for teaching the children. She and Jeremy have 5 boys.  This month I only helped Phil teach once because of my horrible virus that kept me down. {Yes, I'm feeling better.} We teach 3 Sundays then help out on the 4th one. He helped Jenny with cooking. Today I helped with pre-kindergarten children. 14 children and one teacher,,,,,and then later another lady came in. It was fun with drawing around the little hands. I was working with a little girl, Kiki, who has downs syndrome and she was not wanting to put her hands on the paper. So I put my right hand on the paper and I had her draw around it...then I finally got her to put her left hand on paper and I helped her draw around it. No, the glue stick isn't lipstick! Finally we got it done.   Peyton wanted to know if I still had my cough. It was fun to watch them play. Good thing there was another big person chair. I did try to sit on the little chairs but oh dear me!!!
This month's story was doubting Thomas from John 20:19-31.

 Memory verse of the month:
"I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants." Psalm 85:8

 Our weekend has been good so was nice with sun and clouds on Sat. when Phil and I were out to World of Speed car museum. We finally got to go after all the weeks of cold and snow. He enjoyed it very much. I'll share that with you soon. Today there's been rain and wintery mixture showers. No walk for me!  I've got a few things to from last year to post. Soon! Really! Have a good week my friends! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Unusual Shapes:Week 8 Photo Challenge

So far, this week's challenge has been the most challenging. Every where I went I looked for unusual shapes. I ended up finding 3 items in the hardware store where I work. I was done looking and thinking! One co-worker was putting away the pencil compass/scribe and he showed it to me. There were a few more unusual shaped items close to it. On my lunch break I went over to the section and pulled out 2 more items that looked relatively unusual in shape. I took the compass along with the pin vise and contour gauge to the lunch room with me. I photographed them on top of a brown paper bag. Another co-worker, who carves, told me these items help make unusual shapes.
I was out and about at Bauman fruit farm after work yesterday. I looked around to find something of unusual origin but found nothing. It was late and store was closed after I purchased my marionberry sale items. Nothing outdoors neither. Oh well!  I drove home with an interesting sky above with big clouds, but nothing of interest.  It was nice to have no rain either, as we drove to our Bible study a few miles away last evening.  I may go back to Baumans with camera tomorrow as there were  reflections in the overflow of rain of big puddles by trees and plants.  Much rain here earlier this week and last week and now threat of snow, but I doubt it will be here on the valley floor. I really hope not as we have plans for the weekend! Take care! Have you seen an unusual shape lately? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Colourful: Week 7 Photo Challenge

My cookbook collection in my kitchen. 

All the family is gone from our house but the get together was fun. Dishes in dishwasher and running a load of blankets as 2 needed cleaned. Owen decided to use a smaller one to throw onto grandpa and onto the floor several times.  House is cleaner and it will continue to stay that way. Even get better. Phil and I went on a walk as it was still light outside and not raining. Megan went on a walk as well.  What's for dinner? Not sure. There's pizza leftovers but maybe it's time for fruit and another piece of birthday cake? HA! Melody was hoping for strawberries but not yet. It's my party so there must be chocolate cake and ice cream! I'll share photos later. It's time to relax and read my new Outdoor Photographer magazine that arrived in the mail today! Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Valentine's Bday 2017

 February brings a few holidays and birthdays to celebrate. Here's the bulletin from church on Sunday. Both Phil and I received a little bag of chocolate since we worked with the children's church. Sweet! Napkin was from loving table at church. I got it afterwards and was still able to find a goodie, even though it wasn't a mini chocolate cupcake. A pink one was just fine!

 Phil and I went to Red Robin on Sunday evening to eat and I got my free birthday burger there. I fiddled with the color/lighting on this photo...enhance it for purple color for my birthday! Why not have fun as it's not always my birthday and because I can!
 My free birthday sundae! At Red Robin...YUMM!
 The pansies and primroses were out over the weekend and I grabbed three pansies to bring home with me. Primroses tend to get eaten by the slugs around here. Usually don't bug the pansies!

 Monday evening Phil walked in with this big vase of roses and lilies. There's 15 roses. Only a couple of lilies have opened. I've had him take out the pistals of the lilies so I don't get headaches and sneeze so much. The roses themselves are fragrant and so pretty. I moved them into the kitchen as it takes so much room up our table. There is a table in the kitchen. It will be out of the way for our get together on Sat! Family is coming over for pizza and cake/ice cream! It's been awhile since we've done anything for my birthday with family.
 A Pioneer Woman apron and towels I got from my friend Tamara for my birthday! The apron matches a mug she gave me another time! I enjoy PW items. One of the fun gifts I got for my birthday!
 Tuesday after I got off work, Phil, Megan and I met up at Dennys so I could have my free grand slam meal. They ate too! Then we came home and an hour later we had chocolate chip cake. I'd picked it up at KFC on Monday to make sure there'd be one for me! Here's Megan bringing out the cake. I really like it and nobody had to make it here at home. Been busy! This grandma needs cake on her birthday!
 This knitted blue hat I'm wearing is from my dearest, old girlfriend, Beth, who's 3 days older than me. She knitted one for me, one for our friend Laura, who's birthday is on the 2nd and Beth made one for herself, all in different colors. Mine has a ceramic sheep on it. We had sheep on the farm when I was growing up. Beth said to remember us when I wear it. It also came with a cup cozy! Sweet! I love surprises!

I had Monday off as a vacation day from work. It was  beautiful day out and ran a few errands in the sunshine and saw the lovely Mount Hood with its lovely coat of snow! It was 57 degrees out. I'd worn a long sleeved top and pulled on my sweater coat. But I finally took sweater off as it was too warm to wear even outside!  Tuesday I went back to work and it was a good day, even though I was still tired from being under the weather, so to speak. My co-workers were so kind and a few bought me some chocolate! I've not eaten all of it yet!
Phil did take me to urgent care in Oregon City on Sat. It's a ways to go by myself when I'm not feeling up to driving. Closest one that our insurance with allow us to use. My lungs are ok, no pneumonia and had a chest xray to make sure. I'm on my last day of prednisone, which really helps me out when I get this sick. I don't know why I don't remember to get in when I was sick earlier but didn't think I was that bad. NOT!  My leg rash is much better with a different over the counter cream. I'm so thankful for your prayers for my health. It's been a struggle! I was able to sleep without the aid of mucus med last night and Phil said I coughed maybe a couple times! A couple cough drops before bedtime helped!

Weatherwise, it's been cloudy since Tues and then it started raining last evening and most of the day today. Rivers are full and places are flooding. Sold 4 sump pumps at the hardware store today. 
Have a good week, what's left of it and take good care!

"Thou dost keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee. Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock." Isaiah 26:3-4

Friday, February 10, 2017

Faceless: Week 6 Photo Challenge

 "I can't hear you! I'm listening to music even though I'm faceless!"

    Coming up with a faceless image was interesting. I was at an electronics store today and asked the worker if I could take a photo of this faceless bust. He obliged! I'm just not allowed to use it as advertising, which I'm not. I shared with him why I was needing the photo. 
I made it through the work week even though now I'm just tired. Worked two half days and other two days were full days. Now my voice is not the best and I need to get to urgent care to get help with a type of skin issue on my lower left leg. It's not gotten any better and no appointments available here in town. I have to drive out of town to visit an urgent care within my medical insurance network, which I find odd. That's ok. The urgent care here in town isn't the best what I've heard so I can't complain much. While out I can pick up a few things I need for my birthday get together next weekend with family. And go to a craft store that's close.     
The weather has been cool, actually high 50s a couple days and there's been alot of rain and flooding of rivers. Yesterday I sold 6 sump pumps at work and two on Wed. More were ordered in as well.  I'm hoping Carrie feels better and is back at work next week. She was out all week and another co-worker was about as bad as me. This virus is going around and it's taking awhile for people to get over it.  So I'm trying to take it easy and do what I need to do, like I did today. Renew my driver's license and shop for groceries, which I've not done for a week or two! Really! Thankful that Megan was able to shop for me last weekend. Sweet! The air felt so good today I drove home with window open and opened a couple house windows to let in fresher air! Maybe that's why I feel better right now. Have a good weekend and thanks for your sweet comments. I'll be back soon with more posts that are way overdue! Hugs and prayers, my friends!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bird Sighting on a Better Day

 Another week has arrived. A new month. My birthday month. The month I've had 2 sick days from work. This morning I pulled back the covers after Phil left for church and ate some breakfast. Did some Bible study work...The Broken Way, by Ann Voskamp. Then decided to clear out dishwasher. Bird fluttering around outside my kitchen window drew my closer. Birds I'd not seen here made me watch them and another common bird, toss about moss on garage roof, looking for bugs. Could I actually get one of these birds photographed? I quickly went and pulled out camera and attached zoom lens. Ever so quietly unlocked the door and opened it ever so slowly. Stopped. Opened.....this is one of two photos that came out fine. Varied thrush is what they are, like a robin but different markings. This one is either female or a young,  immature thrush, as stated in bird book.

This bird was further up in the tree and best I could do before it flew away. As you can see it's wet and somewhat cold. I enjoyed something new today. Thank you Lord for brightening my day with birds you created. The creativity in me to grab my camera and photograph and share. I must be feeling better. Then I made lunch of spaghetti we usually have on Sunday.  Phil came home and helped me some. Then  he did the dishes, which was sweet.  Megan's home now and watching the last of the Portland Trail Blazers game. We're not watching the super bowl. 

I've not been blogging much lately except for 52 week photo challenge. Being sick has taken up all my time. Tuesday I slept most of the day away...which was unbelievable. Had trouble with balance that day as well. Megan had the same thing happen to her when she had this virus. I did a bit of decluttering on my night stand and yarn area in living room. Started my first knitting project too!  So no work all week. Headed back tomorrow and hopefully I will last the whole day!  January itself was a hard month, emotionally for us and our church body. Slowly moving through the grief. Peace has flooded my soul recently as I read various scriptures about peace and the Lord who gives it. I'm ready to move on!  

"The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace." Psalm 29:11

"I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants." Psalm 85:8

"For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation......" Ephesians 2:14-18

 Thanks for your kind comments and prayers. Have a blessed week, my friends!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Door: Week 5 Photo Challenge

Phil and I went up to Mt Angel Abbey on Sunday afternoon to seek out door photos. I knew there would  be one somewhere. This is the bell tower door at the Abbey Church.

My week is interesting but not fun to say the least. I had to report for jury duty on Monday in Salem. I was not selected to be on the jury. Good thing as it was going to be a 3 day trial. Little did I know how sick I would be on Tues. I felt awful and slept the day away. I'm feeling somewhat better today though. A virus is within me and I'm hoping to feel better soon. I've missed two days from work by being sick and one for jury duty. Sigh! This is unusual for me. Prayers appreciated.